Chamber music:

F.Mendelssohn String Octet op. 20

F.Schubert Octet in F Major D.803

J.Svendsen String Octet in A Major op. 3

J.Brahms Piano Quintet in F Minor op. 34

C.Franck Piano Quintet in F Minor

A.Dvořák's Piano Quintet No. 2 in A major, op. 81, B. 155

J.Brahms Clarinet Quintet in B Minor op. 115

C.M. von Weber Clarinet Quintet in B-flat Major op. 34

F.Schubert String Quintet in C major D. 956, (Op. posth. 163)

G.Rossini 6 Sonate a quattro (2 vl, cello and Contrabass

D.Sostakovich String Quartet No.9 in E-flat Major Op. 117

J.Haydn String Quartet op. 76 No.1

J.Brahms String Quartet No.1 in C Minor op.51 No.1

A.Borodin String Quartet No.2 in D Major

W.A.Mozart String Quartet No 4 in C K. 157

A.Dvorak String Quartet No. 12 op. 96 in F Major ”American”

L. van Beethoven String Quartet op. 18 No. In G Minor

L. van Beethoven Piano Trio in E-flat Major op. 1 No.1
Piano Trio in C Minor op. 1 No. 3

Clarinet Trio in B-flat Major op. 11 ( also Piano Trio No. 4)
Piano Trio in D Major ”Ghost Trio” op. 70 No. 1

N.Rota Clarinet Trio

J.Brahms Piano Trio No.1 in B Major op.8

E.Chausson Piano Trio in G Minor op. 3

F.Schubert Piano Trio in B- flat Major

D.Sostakovich Piano Trio No.1 op. 8

A.Schnittke String Trio

F.Schubert String Trio in B-flat Major D.471

L.van Beethoven Duo ”with two eyeglasses” for viola and cello

B.Martinu Duo No.1 for Violin and Cello H.157

W.A.Mozart Duo Sonata for Bassoon and Cello in B-flat major, K.292/196c

Modern music repertoire: (other than orchestra)

R.Lischka Vier Temperament für Violoncello Solo

Shih Ein Takt für Violoncello Solo (Finnish premiere)

M.Lindberg Partia (vc)

J.Tiensuu Balzo for Cello Solo

A.T. Sâban Lamento (vc)

E.P.Salonen Knock, Breath and Shine (vc)
J.Kaipainen Elegia (vc, pf)

S.Fagerlund Silent words (vc, orch/pf)

V.Matvejeff Visions (vc, pf) (first performance and recording)

K.Saariaho Oi Kuu ”Oh Moon” (vc, bass cl.)

K.Saariaho Überzeugung (vc, fl, Crotales and 3 voices) (Finnish premiere)

Bosun`s Cheer (vc, fl, cb, voice)

M.Lindberg Steamboat Bill Jr. (vc, cl)

M.Seidenberg Vokalweg 1 (vc, sx)

W.Lutoslawski Chain 2 (ensemble)

S.Reich In C (ensemble)

S.Zinojev Charged ( Cello Octet) (first performance)

S.Gubaidulina Fata Morgana

K.Aho Cello Quartet Pieces of great Finnish cellists

Fredrik Le Bel Piano trio ”Where the grass is green..” (first performance)

K.Autio String Quartet ”Noaakki” (first performance)

A.Eliasson String Quartet

O.Knussen Songs of Winnie the Pooh (ensemble)

J.Tiensuu Tanzikone (vc, fl, trb)

M.Lindberg Quintet (vl,cl,vc,fl,pf)

U.Meriläinen Unes (vc, cl)

P.Haapanen Rain Songs (vl,fl,vc)

Modern chamber operas:

H.J.Hofmann Kekkonen – Opera (first performance)
J.Trbojevic Opera Absurdium (first performance)

J.Kuusisto Elämälle- Opera (”For life”) (first performance)

D.Glanert Leviathan – Opera

Der Engel auf dem Schiff