Markus Hallikainen (1987) is a versatile Finnish cellist. He has graduated from Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Switzerland and received the distuingished Soloist Diploma. He also has a Master's degree and the pedagogical qualification  from the Sibelius Academy, the University of the Arts (Finland). Markus has performed widely as a soloist and a chamber musician. He is an active pedagogue and the founder of Varkauden KesäKlassinen music festival. Markus has received many prizes and scholarships, such as the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship. He has been supported by all major Finnish cultural foundations.

Upcoming events / Tulevat tapahtumat:

22/9/2020 14:00 Sellosali, Espoo

Marika Krook, singer; Markus Hallikainen, cello; Maija Weitz, piano

4.-6/9/2020 Lounais-Hämeen Musiikkipäivät
Reeta Aho, viulu; Markus Hallikainen, sello; Emma Koponen, piano 

10/2/2020 19:00 Kamarihelmi-festival, Espoo

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