Projects and arrangements

 More information about upcoming projects will be added soon!

Wide perspective

Markus has been active performer of contemporary music. He has given many first performances.

He is inspired by possibilities of combining music from different cultures and countries. Cross cultural co-operation has affected his career in many ways. He has performed many interesting arrangements.

Markus is asked regularly to take part in various projects that also stretch the limits of a classical musician.

Pedagogical research

Markus has done research on the meaning and practicality of mental images and parables in cello pedagogy. The research was based on his own experience and interviews with cello teachers. This research can be downloaded below and is available only in Finnish. It includes a list of practical advices for teacher's use.


Markus is writing a blog (in Finnish) mainly about the Varkaus -festival, but also generally about music, culture, pedagogic and issues concerning a life as a musician.