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C. Saint-Saëns Swan is great fun with another cellist, here is a good arrangement for cello duo. Piano part is not changed. This arrangement is great for concerts, encore and suits for students also! It also gives a new dimension to cello lessons. Purchase is possible through following link.

Originally composed piece by Robert Schumann; Träumerei (from Kinderszenen, op. 15) , is available now for solo cello, without piano. This is very suitable for numerous occasions and also for example as encore repertoire. The piece sounds well and is comfortable to play. It also leaves freedom for the player to choose some harmonies. Chords and second voice can also be used as a base for duo playing.  Accompanying students etc.
Score is a good quality with all the bowings, fingerings and other markings. 
The Song of the birds is originally a traditional Catalan folk tune, that became more popular after famous cellist Pablo Casals played it. It has been played a lot ever since, in different forms. This arrangement I made, is for solo cello and I have myself performed it as encore for last 15 years and also as a part of solo recitals etc.
The arrangement is a very good quality, with fingerings, bowings and other markings. It suits well and makes cello sound great! So finally there is a version on paper for cellists! Highly recommend it, it has always impressed audiences.
It is also good for students and works pedagogically well for many purposes. Enjoy your time with the piece!

Developing musical diversity in the region of Varkaus, Finland.

Artistic director and founder

Since 2017 Markus has been actively involved in creating the first classical music festival in the beautiful area of Varkaus. Varkaus is located in the eastern part of Finland. The festival is based on a broad vision where music is seen as a force that affects a growth of tourism, brings people and joins areas together. Music is also seen as a tool of helping and inspiring people. During the festival music is played in many places that are usually not considered as typical venues for classical music. Nature, music and special concert places are a fountain of inspiration. A unique atmosphere together with a great program and artists makes this festival attractive to the audience. As an artistic director Markus is responsible for business affairs, artist management and  program planning. He is also co-operating with other cultural operators and is representing the festival on many occasions.

Wide perspective

Markus has been active performer of contemporary music. He has given many first performances and has also been taught by leading musicians and composers.

He is inspired by possibilities of combining music from different cultures and countries. Cross cultural co-operation has affected his career in many ways. He has performed many interesting arrangements.

Markus is asked regularly to take part in various projects that also stretch the limits of a classical musician.

Pedagogical research

Markus has done research on the meaning and practicality of mental images and parables in cello pedagogy. The research was based on his own experience and interviews with cello teachers. This research can be downloaded below and is available only in Finnish. It includes a list of practical advices for teacher's use.


Markus is writing a blog (in Finnish) mainly about the Varkaus -festival, but also generally about music, culture, pedagogic and issues concerning a life as a musician.